Why you must Travel

People have been traveling since ancient times, traveling was born out of necessity. People had to travel long distances in pursuit of food and shelter. As man evolved and discovered agriculture and domestic animals that could be reared for food, traveling became an expedition to find the most fertile land and the most abundant sources of water. Today thousands of years later mankind is still traveling in pursuit of something or other.

When you travel you learn all sorts of things about culture, traditions, history, geographical importance and a bit of the language. All these things increase your knowledge and broaden your horizons.

Many of us travel out of curiosity and for amusement and for those who have the resources to do so, it is highly recommended. Traveling is an adventure but it’s definitely not for the faint hearted because the moment you set foot on a strange land you are instantly disoriented and out of your comfort zone and if there is a language barrier to wrestle with then you really have your work cut out for you. But these minor challenges will be won as fast as they appear as you get your bearings and navigate your way to an accommodation and other necessities.
Traveling feeds curiosity. Travel is an education, it increases your knowledge. When you travel you learn all sorts of things about culture, traditions, history, geographical importance and a bit of the language. All these things increase your knowledge and broaden your horizons.
Travel broadens your mind and increases your awareness of issues which people may be facing. Being immersed in new surroundings will put your life in perspective. You will meet different people with fresh experiences and ideas, showing you how vast the world truly is. New people will also invigorate you with new energy and you’ll learn the different ways that people accomplish the same goals, offering new ideas that you have never thought of before. An added bonus for those traveling with a companion is strengthening the bond you share together.
The delectable eateries, luxurious and one-of-a-kind shopping, internationally renowned museums, ancient architecture, pristine beaches, rugged mountain tops and exotic locales will combine to create a lifetime experience that you can discuss for years to come. The euphoria, excitement, and freedom you feel when you step away from your daily living are priceless. The photos will capture the settings in time, but the even more, the memories, smells, sights and sounds will stay with you forever.

To get the best of your travelling experience you must prepare in advance do research on your traveling location before you leave. Booking accommodation before you travel is a huge stress reliever. Also identify tourist attractions you are interested in viewing, learn about the local cuisine and check out if it agrees with you so you know what to expect.
If you want to truly understand a country, you should try to mix with the locals, rub shoulders with them, have conversations don’t live in your hotel room. Great experiences, good memories and friends are made while traveling.
Travelling teaches you to accept and even embrace new cultures. These experiences may completely overhaul the way you live. Traveling provides a great opportunity to learn about life. Also travel humbles you, when you grasp the enormity of the world and the insignificance of what you know compared to what you can learn, your whole perspective of life will shift and correct itself.
Of course the ultimate journey of travel for a Muslim is the Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca is the fifth pillar of Islam and it is required from every able Muslim at least once in a life time. Each year Millions of Muslims from all over the world congregate in Mecca to perform the spiritual rituals of Hajj and its only by the grace of God, the patience of the pilgrims and the sound planning of the organizers that the logistics of Hajj are made possible.

The writer Mark Twain said “travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness” Travel makes you a better person because it teaches you tolerance and acceptance, as you meet more people with different ideologies religions languages you become less fearful of what you don’t know and so become more willing to question yourself about your own preconceived ideas.

The world is your oyster, travel and you will come back with pearls of wisdom.

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