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Using Social Media Smartly Could Land You A New Job ..

Using social media is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, but it can also be a valuable career booster. Sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn can keep your contacts up to date about your career and let them know when you’re ready for a new challenge.

You can also learn about job openings through social media, with more and more companies and recruiters promoting themselves online. For instance, Adecco, a global employment agency with a robust presence in Oshawa, is active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

But before you plug in to the world of social media, be sure to follow these smart job-search steps:

1) Be careful about giving out your personal information.
Along with reputable job-search sites, there are also some disreputable ones that could exploit personal information for illegal uses. Beware of sites that don’t name the people behind them, do not offer contact information or that have an inadequate or non-existent privacy policy.

2) Consider which email address to use for job searching.
If your email address is too personal or silly, such as, consider getting a new one that just includes your first initial and last name. They’re free from Gmail, Yahoo and other providers.

3) Be aware of your online profile.
Clean up your social media sites and be prepared for a potential employer to check up on what you have posted on the web. Make sure that anything public is appropriate for a potential employer to see.

4) Word your resume smartly.
With the growth of online job boards, electronic resume submission is more prevalent — leading to an increase of electronic resume review by employers. That’s why it’s important to populate your resume with words and phrases commonly used in your profession. If those elements are missing, the electronic screening program might not view you as a potentially worthwhile candidate and you won’t get a call for an interview.

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