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Universal Dreams

Universal Dreams

I wanna hug a star
and Dream on a cloud
Float across the sky
and Swim in the milky way

Sail across the ocean
Witness sunsets across the skyline
I’d fade away into the sky
Among the stars I’d shine most bright

Roam around the galaxy
For there is no gravity
To pull me back or cease me from achieving
The dreams I dreamt for so long
Can finally come to being
True as the sun shinning up high
As the moon glittering into the night

Circle the solar system
and Fall into the black hole
Fly through the sands of time
and Escape this illusion of a life
Glide on the rainbow
and crash into a pot of gold

I stand under the abundant sky
Wishing this with all my might
Make my galactic dreams come true ya Rab
For your universe lures me in
Compels me to become a part of it
Rather just a tiny human no match for it

I don’t ask for much, just this perpetual prayer
To meet You high in Heaven’s delight
For there will be my eternal refuge
Under your guard, safe and secure


~ Eman Malik [[Silver Heartbeat]]

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