The Youth; Problems or Solutions?

Teenagers are both the source of, and solution to society’s problems. In emptiness, we tend to result to things that fill the voids in our lives.

Today, an abundant number of youngsters are sitting at home in front of their computer screens or televisions, playing games all day instead of bettering themselves in any way. There is a lack of vision and ambition; and with those who do have dreams, do not have the drive to make any attempt at achieving them.

The average Libyan male turn to idly occupying street corners, due to lack of activity, sports clubs, public libraries etc. Rather, there was an obvious disappearance of any sort of public entities to nurture and cultivate the youth. Whereas your average Libyan female is mentally reduced to house arrest.

It is definitely no secret that the youth had ignited the revolution of February 17th, and thousands bestowed their lives in sacrifice for the prosperity of their homeland. But we surely did not stop there.

The fact that our youngsters are willing to work to improve our country at this point without any earnings, but rather simply from the greatness of love they have to their country, is superb!

Throughout and after the success of our revolution, the Libyan youth continued to impress the world. Whether it’s through an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) or independently, our youth have been working together to grasp any moment or opportunity they come across that may be of benefit to them or the future of our country. From art galleries to short films to writing and poetry, everyone has acknowledged a talent by which they can assist in the rebuilding of their nation.

Once you have a closer look at the work and effort put into fund-raisers, awareness campaigns and other volunteer work organized by the youth, it is clear to see that we are capable of a lot more than we may appear to be. There was a time where everyone just wanted to help and feel like they have a voice in the choices made, and thus making sure their voice was heard clearly, no matter what the cost.

Unfortunately, for some people the desire of that feeling has slowly began to die out. In my opinion, if we continue at this rate most of the Libyan youth will go back to being as lazy and inactive in the real world as we have been in the past. The Libyan youth are in dire need of facilities to shelter, evolve and cultivate their skills, while occupying their time in a developing manner. We are the future of this country, it is therefore the duty of everyone currently in power to insure well educated and motivated future leaders for the generations to come.

Based on the volunteer activities of which I have personally taken part in, as well as taking into consideration the amount of initiative the Libyan youth have to offer, I believe that with a little bit of motivation and teamwork with and from the right people, our youth can take us and our country a very long way.

Some may argue and say that the youth are rather peevish and in some ways, hard to cooperate and work with. To some point this may be of true towards different situations, but the youth today have surely been through enough to have an open mind to opinions and debates. Therefore, their opinions and levels of understanding of different matters are utterly important at the state our country is in now.

One thing I have noticed that could be improved within and help improve our youth itself, is the fact that experience is rather hard to gain and most do not seem to want to work for it. It appears to me, that some youth will not work without a reward. In other words, they are not fond of regular volunteer work. Of course, this has changed greatly after our revolution, but I believe it can only last for so long.

The fact that our youngsters are willing to work to improve our country at this point without any earnings, but rather simply from the greatness of love they have to their country, is superb! However, it disappoints me to think that we have only just realized the importance of volunteer work. I believe that volunteer work should be encouraged by teachers and schools to students of all ages.

I believe this due to the fact that, once someone is used to the habit of always working and having something beneficial to occupy their time, then sitting at home and doing nothing, isn’t really an option anymore. Not only do the volunteers benefit with experience once participating in different events, it may also give them simple skills such as, learning to work with people. In order to be successful in life, I believe that, we must know how to deal, and work with all kinds of people; and that getting into volunteer work from a young age, definitely teaches us how to do so.

It is safe to say that, the youth play a strong role in rebuilding Libya, as they did in wringing our way out of an oppressive stronghold. Listen to our voice and teach us today, so we’ll be ready to lead tomorrow.

Photography: © Nader ElGadi- Tripoli, Libya

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