The Wolf

Source: IMVU

Alone he roves, alone beneath the moonlight,
Amidst winter fog and silver snow in solitude,
His coat marked by the darkest shadows of the night,
Seraphic eyes like beautiful stars that elude
Our meager grasps in the company of moonlight.

Yet his chest is warm’d with another’s devour’d blood,
But he roams alone, alone in the dying sunset,
No longer does he retrieve love and joy’s touch is unknown,
Persistence in his vicious tear, his heart void of regret,
Yet he yearns not to atone still continuing to walk alone.

And when the astral rays meet our faces again,
His pain shall perpetually haunt his soul,
No beasts shall be acquainted with his grief,
And amidst the darkest night pervaded by deathly foul,
He will cry out and howl to the heavens again and again.

By Malek Amr

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