The Voice of A Migratory Bird

I am a foreign migratory bird

In winter I visit other countries of the world for heat and nice environment and recreation

Like me thousands of birds are visiting

They are my friends

They are accompanying me

We are going in groups

I will also accompany them while going to my native home

My mind and heart fill with joy to meet each other

We are birds

We have feathers and different colors in our body

We have two wings which help us to fly in the lively sky

Our wings help us to go in search of foods

We roam around with the help of our wings

Our wings are precious and work like the man’s hands

But when we go to other countries in winter to migrate

There are some naughty and evil minded people who keep themselves busy to hunt us

They don’t realize how precious our life is!

Sometimes they throw rocks or shoot at us when they see us in the forests and seas and oceans

Then they sell us to the market or kill us and eat our flesh!

But we want freedom!

We want liberty from the clutches and hardship of the evil and devil men of the world!

We won’t tolerate it any more!

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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