We welcome write-ups, suggestions, contributions and feedback from youth as part of this forum.

There are many ways to become involved with the youth magazine. PEASE DO GET INVOLVED,

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  • Pick up a pen and start writing about something that interests you.
  • Send it to info@youth.ly
  • Do the same with any photographs, arts, youth stories, poety, entertainment, sports etc..
  • We welcome your ideas, opinion and suggestions.
  • Join our team

We pride ourselves on working with new and emerging writers and artists. To this end we tend to shy away from previously published works, but will consider anything that is of high-quality, intriguing, and of interest to our readers.

  • Articles related to topics that would capture the attention of the youth.
  • Review pages concerning everything new in the IT world, in addition to artists, sports movies and music.
  • YouSpeak, where you can discuss about anything and the audience may participate by sharing their thoughts.
  • Profile or and interview pages for underground bands and struggling icons.
  • Greetings page where people can communicate and send greetings to their kith and kin.
  • The “ART-Gallery” page, will showcase photos, illustrations and art work from youth.
  • Poetry page and graffiti page to entertain our readers.
  • An advice column page where a professional is ready to hear and guide you to tackle youth issues.


  • One page of article is approximately 400-500 words. Very popular, quick and easy to write.
  • Articles longer than 2 pages are generally for the cover (or feature) story. We recommend 2 pages (1000-1400 words) for a standard length article.
  • Photos, images and graphics affect the amount of words that can be fitted onto a page. One standard size photo is likely to reduce the word count by 100-200 words. This depends on size and nature of the image.
  • Photos must be supplied digitally and be of professional quality in high resolution (300 dpi, max.); both color and b/w are acceptable.
  • Please include the photographer’s name and if possible telephone number/email address, as well as a brief description identifying who and what is depicted.
  • We accept submissions year round. However, if you have a seasonal article, please contact us early, as seasonal materials are prepared up to one months in advance.
  • The deadline for each issue is the 15th of the month prior.
  • Any work received after the deadline is automatically considered for the following issue.
  • Remember we are volunteers just like you so the deadlines are doubly important.
  • We prefer simple text based submissions, in Microsoft Word or a similar, widely used word processing software.
  • Please avoid tables, boxes, fancy tabulation and illustrations. If you have tables or charts that are necessary (and we do encourage these if they help to illustrate the article) please submit them in a separate file. Footnotes, when necessary, must be written into the main body of the article.
  • Please include your name, title, organization and contact details at the bottom of your article.

Although we are interested in all styles and genres of writing, prospective authors are still encouraged to read a current issue of YOUTH before submitting. We are always interested in fiction, poetry, essays, creative nonfiction, drama, book and movie reviews, travel writing, interviews and humor/satire. Works which cross genres—or create new ones—are especially encouraged. This includes prose poems, “heavy” opinion, works combining visual art and writing, electronic multimedia, computing, and types we have yet to imagine.

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