Shondha (Evening)

This is a piece of translation from Bangla to English. This poem is written by Playwright and Poet Shahadat Hossain.

Shondha (Evening)
The line of the day light is far away
Evening is coming down slowly to the earth
Dark has spread shadow
Soft feeling of darkness is there
In the every corner of the rural fields, gardens, hilly areas
The sky is appearing large.
The cowbow stops playing his flute
The enchanting and chirping voices of the birds
Attract all minds
Surrounding is so calm and quiet
All calm and quiet
Darkness of the river’s dead waves
That makes no sound
Rises only far away dream equal.
Touch of peace bows down heads
The sky world is filled with full pureness
In such pureness and peace
This is the evening is!
We bow down our heads to Him
Who is the Creator of the all worlds is!

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