Ramadan Kareem

The atmosphere is already filled with piousness and joy as the Holy month of Ramadan is on the door step. In this 9th month of Lunar calender, all Muslims Observe fast from dawn to dusk. Its the Month of showers of Blessings and forgiveness for Muslims around the globe. But for Libyans its a matter of double joy. As last year, we were blessed with Freedom in this month. And after sacrifices of many dear ones finally our beloved country was liberated.

Although Ramadan teaches patience to every Muslim, but last year’s Ramadan taught the Libyans an extraordinary lesson of patience, and also showed a sneak preview of its reward. Despite the grief, fear, uncertainty, and lack of basic needs like, food stuff, water, electricity, etc. Libyans didn’t lose hope. And with their resolute and unshakable faith, they prayed everyday to get out of this wretchedness and before the end of Ramadan Libyans breathed the air of freedom.

Amna Naseem
Tripoli – Libya

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