YOUTH Magazine is a newly formed publication designed to encourage, motivate, and foster educational growth with social awareness amongst the youth of Libya on an unbiased platform through which they could contribute in nation building processes.

Advertising Contact:

Fax:  +218 21 444 4348
Cell: +218 91 714 1818

Advertising Units & Prices

 Advertising Contracts

3 months – 10% Discount
6 months – 20% Discount
12 months – 40% Discount


Publication period:   Every month
Copies: 20,000 / Month
How obtained: Single copy and & Subscription sales

Bookings & Publication dates

YOUTH Magazine is published monthly.

The copy deadline is 15th of the preceding month. It is advisable to make bookings one month prior to insertion date.

Artwork Deadline

Artwork to be delivered in digital format by 15th of the preceding month.

Technical Guidelines

“Press Quality” PDF files are preferred.* We will also accept QuarkXpress and Adobe InDesign files, please be sure to include all fonts and graphics. Images must be 300 dpi in CMYK color mode.

*PDF File Format: All PDF files should be saved with fonts and images embedded. Color mode should be CMYK or grayscale. Resolution for print is 300 dpi. The Acrobat Distiller “Press Quality” setting is recommended.

Unacceptable Applications

We do not accept Microsoft Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, low resolution or web-quality graphics for printing production. If you have questions about the file you are submitting please contact us.

Quality Standards

YOUTH Magazine strives to produce the highest quality publication in terms of content, aesthetics, and technical standards. We reserve the right to request resubmission of an ad if it does not meet our quality standards.

Graphic design services are available to all advertisers. ( Additional rates may apply )

Submitting Artwork

We prefer all artwork to be submitted electronically. Advertisers will be provided with submission instructions upon agreement of contract. Although not preferred, we will accept artwork in CD/ DVD format. In all cases, please clearly name all files with the advertiser’s name and publication date of the issue for which the ad is intended. If you are mailing a CD or DVD, please clearly label all materials with the advertiser’s name and include a hard copy, color proof.