Origin of a Dream


This poem is part ii of a poem named, Universal Dreams (click here for link)


Origin of a Dream

Gonna build a house up in the galaxy,
Watch meteor showers from my balcony,
No more neighbours or their chatty noises,
Living in peace where nothing is destroyed yet.
Where no war or bloodshed has spread
And life has more value than a ruby or an emerald

I’d go for picnics on Saturn
Have marshmallows scorched right from the Sun
Play violin among the strings of the Milky way
Have a concert on Orion’s bay
With just the stars as my audience
The aura would be filled with applaudic ambiance

I’d have fishing trips on Mars
And sand surf on Jupiter
Spend the evening hiking on Neptune
Before finally camping out on the Moon

Stepping out of my shed
On Nebula I lay my head

The stars all twinkle around me
While it rains stardust in the galaxy
Dancing in glitter
The taste is everything but bitter

I gaze at the far beyond
Wondering about the mysteries it holds
Billions of galaxies still unknown
Lightyears away, billions of stories still untold

And I reflect at myself
Just a tiny spec in this universe
How lucky I must be
To be a part of this galaxy
Just the epiphany that I’m here sends chills down my spine
The adventure has just begun
Eternity couldn’t be more pleasurable

by Eman Malik [[Silver Heartbeat]]

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