Once you start Its Hard to quit

In Libya smoking is very common and considered as fashionable. Even young kids are now often seen with a cigarette in their hands. Smoking is a curse on our society and we’re totally neglecting it. No one is doing anything to avert this present dolorous situation.

What makes you Smoke? I won’t just blame the guys or their families but the whole society, Bad company, destructive role of media, unemployment and easy availability of cigarettes play the key role in the increase of smoking in our country.

Starting with a puff with a friend, then a few puffs to a cigarette and eventually becoming a slave of this curse! Cigarette contains nicotine, which is highly addictive. Like heroin or other addictive drugs, the body and mind quickly become addicted to it.
It affects not just the health of the smoker but the health of everyone around him. People who get passive smoked have same health risks as the smokers i.e. Increased risk of more than 50 extremely serious health conditions, including many types of Cancers and Cardiovascular diseases. We all have to do something to eradicate this rising tide of smoking. Help your friends, Make them quit.

Amna Naseem
Tripoli, Libya

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