None Existing Life

Youth turned 60 before 21

Agony lingered while happiness is gone

Routinized misery circling around my fears

An unidentified destiny crumpled through my tears

Dusty atmosphere of a hard time

Distorted minds killed life’s rhyme

Like music through the darkest point in my soul

Cords pulling the strings of love, though hope is gone

A world with shades of grey

Disordered society blocked the inspirational thoughts of my insanity

Damaging strength of gravity, coral memories limited my capacity

A souvenir of pain and forsaken dignity

Money of dirt and usurped honesty

Soul injured is who i am

Young, but became the old man

So how can i live in none existing life

How can i bear the weight of a world and say i’m alive

Farouk Nadjet
Tripoli , Libya

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