My first vote

I went to cast my vote, driven by an overwhelming sense of patriotism, never knowing what my vote will do, how it will affect my country or how will I react to the whole process.
” Mixed feelings and emotions come rushing through me, as I take my turn to cast my vote. I feel like I am back at school preparing for an exam, I take the two pieces of paper with stupid grin on my face, feeling like a child opening his birthday presents as I open the candidates papers.

My hands trembled as I mark my first choice for an independent candidate “my red vote”, I had to redraw my mark to make sure that it will count, my second mark “my blue vote” was more confident steady and calm. There it is my choice, mine alone and no one else’s.

I come out of the booth and an official is waiting with a small plastic bottle, he took my hand and guide my limp finger to dip it in the royal blue ink marking me as a patriot as one who didn’t betray his countrymen and did his part. A torrent of feelings and emotions rush through me and my eyes fill up with tears fast, I didn’t cry, I almost did but I didn’t in my effort to contain myself my arms start to wobble, the kind man who guided my finger open the box for me and I slipped my blue vote, I opened the second one on my own as the first rush started to subside and here goes my red vote.

I exit the room and I think that I was skipping in my walk. I feel light headed, euphoric even but most of all proud, my head held high. I did my part, I honored my fallen brethren. My eyes glistening with the trapped tears of joy, elation and sadness; sadness that many of us never had the chance to feel and experience what I just had. I reach home my head buzzing and I’m parched. I drink my fill and start writing these few lines to share it with any one willing to hear me out, to hear about the birth of our nation through my account.

Sulieman Mansouri
Albayda, Libya

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