Mr. President

Come take look at your name
In our country you just brought the shame
We are true like a rising sun
Now it`s our time and yours is done

Glory in our heads today
You will go,, you will decay
In our free country forever we’ll stay
It’s truth
We believe in destination
You became cancer and source of desperation


You will stray out to hell
And we are gonna live so damn well
No more you can stand
Our pure blood covering Your hand

Angels flying up tonight
They saved our world and make it right

You’re not a leader not a star
Just a sinner ..bringer of war
no more

Hear our voice
You got no choice

We are in line
Libya is mine

Freedom in our eyes today
We’ll force you to go away….
No doubt!

You’re a stranger in this world
And we are a breathtaking story ,,never been told

We became your nightmare
For a better future that we stare

Under one flag we fight
Red and green and white
Haneen Salama
Tripoli, Libya

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