Mother; an angel indeed,
a human machine, working with great speed.

Giving u all her leisures,
she relieves us, and put us to pleasures.

Mending our all bad deeds,
she is always there, when her child needs.

Building among us, a high wall of determination,
she consoles us, and plucks up the frustration.

Stimulating among us, a stream of high moral values,
she reforms us, and restrains us from immoral argues.

Blowing a stout wind of religion in our mind,
she refines our character, and makes us kind.

A Mother’s lap is the first ever institute for a child,
if the infant doesn’t obey her, he’ll certainly go wild.

God Has made Mothers so delicately,
But still, there devotion never crumbles that easily.

Those Nations, who don’t respect their Mothers,
rely for their survival, on the prayers of others.
(Dedicated to My sweet Mother)
– Sheharyar Arif

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