Mirror Mirror …..

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Who am I after all


Do I have meaning in this society?

Can’t they stare just  more gently


Mirror Mirror upon my wall

Slam my fist through them all


Look me standing on my feet

I see myself shattered … incomplete


You know their words  could  pierce the heart

They put my end and erased my start


Am stumbling..trembling..crying

Tearing ..fearing..slowly dying


Crashing climbing..waiting to fall.

Fake smile reflected upon my wall


Who are you and who am I?

Please answer me with no lie


Mirror Mirror what you want me to be

Thousand of faces staring at me


Mirror Mirror can i choose??

Mirror Mirror I don’t wanna loose


Still wondering this possible

Am I one of them?? …

Yet am all of them


Mirror Mirror upon my wall

Can you hear me after all?

Haneen Salama
Benghazi, Libya

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