Trying so hard to cover it.
Live my life and get over it.
My hands r shaking, n so is my faith.

From this prison I’m breakin.
From this dream I wanna wake.

Whenever I take a step forward, they knock me down.
They’re like aggressive waves that cause u to drown.
I fought so hard, now I’m hurt n scarred.

From this torture I’m escaping.
From this planet I’mma immigrate.

I will do it now, I just can’t wait.
I have to do it before it’s too late.
I will risk my life, n face my faith.

From inner ugliness I saw, I’m running.
From hideous reality that made my head spinning.

Don’t blame me, I’m a human being.
I just saw what I’m not used to seeing.

To paradise I’m flying
To live in peace or I’ll die in pieces.

I really don’t mind dying, this life is meaningless.

By Zanjabeel Almahdawi

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