Let Us Save The Green

“Let us save the Green”
Our planet earth is the only planet with water, oxygen, light, temperature, trees and plants for living. Our planet is our only home and without it our existence is impossible. The earth is having all the beautiful pictures inside it. The trees, plants, flowers, butterflies, birds, animals, oceans, seas, rivers, hills, mountains, desserts are the nature and beside them sunshine, rain and snow are making our planet the most beautiful. The sun is rising during daytime and at night, we can see the moon. The moon is the natural satellite and our uncle at night. The moonlight is leading fire flies to their way. We have our beautiful days and nights with all necessary things from nature.
Friends, everyday we can see our earth being polluted in different ways.What can do to save our green earth? Yes, can save our earth if we are more conscious and do our best. Let us first say no to waste and yes to reduce, reuse and reproduction. Planting and looking after them more trees is one of the best way to save our green planet. Protecting wild animals and stop hunting. Using renewable sources of energy can reduce the use of natural resources. Solar energy, wind energy, biomass, hydroelectricity, wave and tidal energy can save our energy and resources and minerals.

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