Let me speak

I want to do something in this life that make me feel alive
Something that make me happy and energize that I don’t say I want to die
As you know guys our country is boring every day and every night
I want to shout but I don’t want to cry because I am an adult I am an adult not a child
I feel I have something inside talk to me you you still young and why
You lose hope from now stand up and don’t say goodbye
you have future and dreams in your hand live your life as you like
Say stop to everyone destroy what you are trying to say out loud
The youths are lost in this crowd of drugs and website chats
And no one give them the way to leave this and survive
I can’t close my mouth while I see the girls
Go to the hill by their feet and never get back with smile
they come back in the last time when the tears on their checks
flow like the river of Nile and who’s the responsible of this crime
I just pray to Allah to show us the right way to go through when we haven’t another choice to walk by
The peace will spread if everyone throw the weapon and cheese
We live as on any moment we will bleed
We always hear the voices but we can’t speak
Until all the youths will be dead and disappear .

What do you think?

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Shondha (Evening)