Is it Sports or what?

Some people claim that sporting champions of the present day are motivated by praise and fame, and they are so far from champions of the past who were motivated by their desire to win the game.

I totally agree with this, because sports champions of these days are likely playing football or any other kind of sports only to get a huge income and to be famous imagining that they are musicians or some sort of movie stars. But the fact is that they are much more than just a star for their fans. However, a whole country would rely on their national football team to win in the football world cup. In contrast, footballers are playing well only to get well paid and make a fortune instead of doing it for the sake of their people.

Furthermore, athletes of the present days are turning the pitch into a battlefield. It might be the drugs they’re taking to gain more strength, they are probably seeing other athletes as enemies. So, instead of playing a clean peaceful match, you find yourself watching some live wrestling. I believe sports was made to show the value of unity and to teach people teamspirit. Nowadays its a curse that teaches young children how to get angry and disheartened after losing. And how to yell at other team members if they make a mistake.

Rumor has it that the majority of players of the recent days are counting on drugs to keep their power, they might not be aware that these chemical drugs other than giving them strength has a lot of side effects, that can damage their bodies and ruin their health as time goes by. And in some cases damaging their immune system as well, it can be seen if one of these players get ill, it becomes hard for him to fight sickness, and be back as a normal healthy person.

It is true that fans are also a major part of the way athletes are dealing with sports. To illuminate, other than watching a game normally, fans start to show hateful feelings towards athletes if they made any little mistake. And the media is to blame too, dealing with any athletes failure as some kind of a catastrophe is a huge mistake.

All in all, it is not really hard to consider a simple football match or a golf match as it is, instead of taking it as a job or a spot of fame , i think it must be taken as a fun or free-time hobby even for these who watch it, i mean, it is a GAME! afterall isn’t it?

What do you think?

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