Interview With Madam Jeanne Louise Calment

Inspirational Interview
Interview with Madam Jeanne Louise Calment

Interview by: Z.I.Mahmud

The world’s super centenarian of France who has the longest lifespan in the evolution of modern human history, living to the age of 122 years, 164 days.

Me: Hello Madam Louise Calment! How are you? Welcome to the interview desk of BBC.

Madam Calment: Hi fellow journalist! I’m fine and pleased on my 122 birthday and at the same time, I’m also glad to be featured on this auspicious occasion.

Me: How do you consider yourself lucky of living to a great age? What are the pleasures of a long life?

Madam Calment: Life is beautiful and meaningful indeed. I took pleasure when I could. I acted clearly and morally and without regret. I am very lucky. Always keep your smile and that’s how I explain my long life.

Me: Can we listen from you facts and activities which can be consumed by you?

Madam Calment: Well, I used to to eat more than two pounds of chocolates a week, treat my skin with olive, rode a bicycle until 100. I studied piano and enjoyed the opera. I played tennis, took up rolling skating, swimming. I used to attend the organized hunting parties. I take a good cigar, drink plenty of non-alcoholic water and work in my garden.

Me: That’s really nice of you. How would you admire the advantages and highlight few incidents from your life?

Madam Calment: I outlived all of my family members including my daughter and my mother and my daughter’s son as well as I could insight those future as my longevity allowed me to face challenges. Being a caregiver, I got to see “old age” close up. Life is an adventure of happiness and troubles. i raised my grandson who became a medical doctor. I could write four to five books of rap songs. i still remember my birth before a year after Alexander Graham bell invented the telephone.

Me: What are the disadvantages of a long life?

Madam Calment: There isn’t always rhyme or reason why one person makes it well past 100 with a sharp mind and a spry body while another person comes to hit one health problem after another. Many centenarians have eaten what they wanted, smoked, drank-while someone else who tries to follow the rules finds not so pleasant diagnosis. Life isn’t fair. That’s a mantra we must embrace-and not in a negative way. Parkinson, Alzheimer and heart diseases killed my mom while I’m suffering deafness and lack of vision; eye sight.

Me: We salute, Mam for spending precious birthday with us. Here on BBC, we wish you many happy returns of the day!

Madam Calment: Thank you for honoring me. I wish every success and stress free life to you.

*Note: This is a fiction piece of write-up. The following article was written by the author from the IGCSE O Level English Language Question.

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