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Interview with Lloyd Stone

Shooting Wildlife on the Lower Potomac River near Washinton D.C. (FB: LLoyd Stone_

A nature lover who finds inspiration from sunsets to sunrises, oceans & rivers, mountains, forests, earth & sky.  Also shoots for models, dancers, actors and comedians as well as family portraits and pets.

YOUTH Magazine:  How did you get yourself involved into wildlife photography?
LLoyd Stone: My name is LLoyd Stone, I got into wildlife photography about twenty years ago when i use to go hunting animals for sport and food it learned me how to get close to animals and study there habits and movements needed in wildlife photography.

YOUTH Magazine: What inspires you about wildlife photography?
LLoyd Stone: After many years of hunting and studying animals in the wild it aspired me to break out my camera equipment and start shooting wildlife, up until then I was a portrait photographer so i had a good understanding for lighting and posing and combined them into my works, it really get exciting and boring at times but when you get a chance to watch an animal coming into your camera frame that’s what aspires me to keep getting out and shooting more.

YOUTH Magazine: What kind of equipment you use now and what did you start with?
LLoyd Stone: I shoot a Canon EOS 7D with a EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM I also have a Canon 20D and 30D that i started with.

YOUTH Magazine: What are the difficulties faced by a wildlife photographer on a regular basis?
LLoyd Stone: The biggest difficulties faced by a wildlife photographer on a regular basis is weather and quality of light, also getting close enough to fill your fame is very difficult without large lens like the 600mm. to 800mm. that the Pros use, they are helpful but not needed to start out with, you first need to learn patience and to move slow and set up close to your subjects its best to know there feeding areas are will assure you the best opportunity for a great photograph.

YOUTH Magazine: What are your thoughts about wildlife ?
LLoyd Stone: Wildlife Photography can be very rewarding and challenging its an everyday learning experience nothing is ever the same that’s what I love about it.

YOUTH Magazine: What are the techniques you use? How do you plan a shot?
LLoyd Stone: My techniques are very simple, starting every shooting session I calibrate my camera using an 18% Grey Card for color and exposer control I like to get everything right out of the camera with Little to No Photoshop. I also shoot in AP Mode or Aperture Priority allowing me to choose what f-stop is needed for each shot. I make up a plan for shooting one thing only, like birds in flight and make my camera settings and stick to that plan.

YOUTH Magazine: Which is your favourite animal? Do you have any tips for aspiring wildlife photographer?
LLoyd Stone: My favorite animals are Birds, I love getting the flight shots on the bigger birds such as Egrets and Herons. My tips for aspiring wildlife photographers are to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and all that it has to offer you as a photographer.

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