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Interview with Alaa Wardi

Alaa Wardi is a Musician from Saudi Arabia who is best known for his covers on Youtube that were covered in many places including the Arabian region’s leading news channel, AlJazeera. Alaa is also in a band called “Hayajan” that sings original music and plays shows around the Middle East.


Alaa Wardi is a Musician from Saudi Arabia who is best known for his covers on Youtube that were covered in many places including the Arabian region’s leading news channel, AlJazeera. Alaa is also in a band called “Hayajan” that sings original music and plays shows around the Middle East.


Hello Alaa, how are you doing today?
I’m very good :)

“Hayajan” is the name of the band you’re in, tell us more about that. Do you want to continue your career as a solo artist or a band?

Both, Alaa Wardi will remain as the guy who makes a capella covers on Youtube, and Hayajan is an Arabic Alternative/Rock band who makes original music in their own unique style, we are five guys who each have a day job other than music but music remains our biggest passion and the only common thing between us all, they all live in Jordan except for me, I live in Saudi Arabia and the situation being that way makes it difficult for us to rehearse and make music so we stay in touch online, we have a private group on facebook that we chat in, share music and ideas, and make decisions about concerts, rehearsals and everything, they all have day jobs so its very difficult to get all of us together in the same time for a Skype call or something so communicating through Facebook seemed more convenient.

“Ya Bay” just came out about two weeks ago, tell us about that album and the process of recording.

I had a bunch of songs that I had half composed so I made domes on them while I was in Saudi and sent them to the rest of the members to listen and share ideas, meanwhile we rented a studio in Jordan for month to record them all and shoot videos for each song as well, afterwards, I went to jordan and hit the studio with the guys and started arranging the songs and completing them all together which made them sound different that what I would usually do alone, better for sure cause 5 heads are better one!

It was a tough time because we had such limited time and our recording engineer who was also the studio owner Hanna Gargour worked so hard with us day and night so we’d get this done on time.. and in the last few days of our studio time we shot the videos for the songs as if we’re performing them in the studio just so I’d have cool videos that I can place on all the songs when publishing them on youtube.

After that long and tiring month, I ended up with 10 recorded songs and 10 music videos so I started mixing them and editing the videos and finalizing everything which might have took 2 to 3 months! and here it is.. so this album is made out of Money + Time + Lots of work + Some Talent maybe. :P

 Is there going to be an Alaa Wardi album? Or you’re going to continue doing covers as a solo artist and original music with Hayajan?

You’ve said it right :) There might be an Alaa Wardi album in the future! I’m not sure what’s gonna happen but for now Alaa Wardi will continue making covers while the original music goes to Hayajan.

I noticed that in a lot of your videos there are lyrics that don’t make sense. Any meaning behind that?

Its a style that a lot of bands have adopted around the world and I think it sounds even better with Arabic. :)

The idea is that when you’re writing a song sometimes it just comes out that way and sounds good so I keep it like that! I can brainstorm and push meaningful lyrics into the music just so the song would be about something and I do that sometimes but I don’t have to.. you can consider it as an instrumental track where my voice is used as an instrument rather than a storyteller or a poet! Or the listener can put their own meaning to the song, their own interpretation of the lyrics which makes it even more interesting cause different people would perceive it in different ways, some might think its a sad song some might think its a happy one.

What is the thing that you couldn’t believe had happened, career wise? In other words “craziest career moment”?

All of it!Having a career in music itself is crazy. Still, I’m so blessed and lucky, and I’m so honored that people like what I share with them, that’s my biggest inspiration and motivation to keep on making what makes people happy, its such an privilege and an honor to be able to do so. :)

Who inspires you as a musician?

Viewers and Listeners, their reaction to the music gives me so much inspiration and motivation to keep doing what I do forever. :)

We know that the music market in the Middle East isn’t that strong but did you manage to sell some units?

Yes, the album is selling good and people are supporting us and we are all truly grateful for that but still haven’t covered a 1/4 of the album cost but we’re hoping for the best and we’ll keep on making music either way. :)

What are your tips for someone who’s starting out in the music business?

I have no Idea!! If you’re looking to make money and have a stable life choose another profession. :P

Or take the risk and try your luck. :) but just start working right now, make songs and videos, put yourself out there and hope for the best.. I would be able to give better advice in a few years I hope!

You have already accomplished a lot in your career that others dream of doing but what’s your next step?

Have I accomplished a lot?! I’m just starting in the world of music & I’m still a drop in the ocean! In a world where hundreds of albums are being released everyday, our album is just one of millions.. but my ambition and dream do not stop here of course, in my opinion I’m just starting.

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