Inside RIde: Coast to Coast for Cancer Awareness

From left to right: Richa Kohli, Sakhi Sharma, Fadeelah Abdullah, Jessica Chandran, Parneet Thethy

Pedalling their way to help families and children with cancer, the goal for the organization is to travel coast to coast around Canada with indoor cycling machines, in hopes to spread the positive message and awareness about the challenges in regards to families and children with cancer. The two hour cycling event held at Heartlake Secondary School on October, 26th, 2014, consisted of loads of bright, colourful, costumes and the passion to help support a cause. There were approximately 18 groups of 6 students and teachers, the goals for the event was to raise $4,500. Students from Heartlake chose to either ride, donate, volunteer or fundraise to build a successful event.

These students shown above showed their support for the organization by creating an ultimate theme for their group. They decided to use their ‘super powers’ for the good. Their creative idea was sparked as they wanted to make heroic contributions to the organization and help children just like them, who are in dire need of the money to help pay for their health expenditures.

Jessica Chandran explains her experience in the following:
“Wether we chose just to donate or to help fundraise, we know that there are many Canadians facing the issue with cancer, unfortunately. Many Canadians can relate, as they may have a brother, uncle, aunt or whomever, pass away from cancer, it honestly hits home to all of us at the end of the day. However, through the help of students across Canada, it is possible to help these children with cancer, not only making it easier for them financially, but helping them mentally showing them that students like us actually care to make a difference in their lives.”

Parneet Thethy, a student whom also actively participated in the event explains:
“I think that just as an art student, I had an amazing time actually coming up with themed outfits for our team. We all went as super heroes and I got the chance to create my own costume, as Flash Girl! I couldn’t wait to actively participate in the indoor cycling event, and at the end of it all, I felt that all of us made a great contribution to the Inside Ride organization.”

Sakhi Sharma as Wonder woman explains:
“Being able to have fun and support a good cause all at once with my friend was something I really enjoyed and was very proud to be apart of. It made me feel amazing and awesome, considering that all our hard work of fundraising was most certainly going to children who are in need of it. The entire atmosphere of the event was amazing. It was very positive, lively and exhilarating as we spent 2 hours, switching each team member on the bikes and pedalling as fast as we could with music blaring out loud. It was a long day of dancing, biking and supporting a greater cause.”

Year after year, there is an increase sense of contribution towards the organization, as they strive to bring this event to many secondary schools, workplaces and communities, in hopes to raise awareness of the prevalent struggle that many cancer patients have to endure.

In 2014, the organization hopes to continue their commitment to the Canadian childhood cancer community by continuing efforts to raise needed funds for essential pediatric oncology programs and initiatives. They also hope to expand current events such as, the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride. and Tour for Kids Atlantic. Their goal is to expand the organization’s initiatives in Quebec. In essence, they would like to continue to grow and make important contributions to help achieve a goal to reach a “destination beyond cancer.”

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