If My Blood Was Oil

My heart is growing weak

As my body slowly drains

I stand within a loop of backs

And turned, they remain


My country is a blood bath

Yet my calls are unreturned

If it were an oil leak

The world would be concerned


Their eyes watch with silence

Though my blood is pouring thickly

But if that blood was oil

They’d prioritize me quickly


So my heart starts pumping gallons

And they come to my aid

My veins are the pipes

That support their business trade


And they plot a distribution

With my country on the chart

But how do you put a price

On 22 million hearts?


My blood is crude oil

And my children are your taps

So will you help me fix the spill

Before their fuel lungs collapse


If my blood was oil

That you measure by the ton

I will offer you a river

That can flow to the sun


Must my land be wealthy?

And must my blood be grease

For you to shield me from oppression

And invest in my peace?


Yes, my blood must be oil

Before we settle a negotiation

22 million rigs await you

Welcome to my nation.


Noor Hewaidi
Coquitlam, British Columbia, UK

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