I just pray

So many things I wanna say
I start with a simple pray

God give me the strength to go on
To look for happiness and move on
To know the good friends and take on ….. a new challenge
Or what was hidden all along

I’ll try to follow my heart .. but I know that ain’t good
Gotta know what’s up & what’s wrong ……. behind closed doors
Secrets, sadness & some regrets …….. wearing masks
Covered faces to fool people & go places

In one day, just by one sentence
All that have been hidden appeared
Just like magic all covers revealed
All masks, all doors, all secrets disappeared

No longer I respect the faces that have been masked
No longer I wanna go into the doors of secrets, nor I wanna know..
About the truth of the people inside!!

I lost respect, I don’t deny, no I won’t lie …. can’t smile when I see
The face of hypocrisy

So can you blame me, for what I did? I refused to do what they did !!

They ask me to smile, and say hello just like I never knew!!
They keep on asking how I feel , yet they fear …. what I’ve discovered and might reveal !!
They want an answer, just not my answer

I will not lie
May be I’ll be polite
Keep what I think about them inside!!

I will not hide, behind the mask
Nor I will deny this task
Should I scream? Should I talk?
So, thought maybe I should write
This is what I want, the secrets about those people revealed!

I cannot say, I just pray

Benghazi, Libya

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