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I am who I am

They told me of a place that was unknown
Gave me thoughts out of my comfort zone
I talked to people I didn’t know on the telephone
I see them in their masses they surround me
Calling my name as if they know me
I look blankly at these faces
Full of joy and happiness
She looks me in the eye and grabs hold of my body
Tells me she was 9 last time she saw my daddy
We used to go back to see the eldest of the family
Going back to an empty room
Charged with emotions and memories
The faint screams in the night
The way she held her blanket tight
Ripped apart by the very essence of my being
The streets and roads with history beneath me
My roots flow through my vein
The laughter in my stomach until i feel pain
I am who I am
Across two contents I’ve had to share my heart but Which do I call home?
The place of birth
Or the place I’ve always known?
How do I return back to this mother land
After being away so long I am who I am
The sand between my toes
The gravel on my hands
At 3 I started my first day at nursery
At 7 I ran around the streets
Learning to ride a bike
All these childhood memories i cant explain on one line
A place so familiar right from the start
Unlike a place I am still getting to know
I am who i am

Asma Elbadawi
Bradford, UK

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