Her wedding day

So here she is sitting on her bed

Wearing a cream, Victorian wedding dress
Her hairstyle is partly undone

With pearl pins still holding the bun

Her hand on her chest, feeling her pearls

Fantasizing about the time she would twirl

To share a dance in front of hundreds of people

When he would reveal that she was his equal

To live a happily ever after

To fill a home with love and laughter

But where is he now and why did he leave

Why did he meet her and make her believe

That they could be together for life

He would do anything to make her his wife

A black tear blemishes while running down her face

Then several more follow also leaving a trace

She looks awful but wont move an ounce

While staring at the clock she continues to count

How long has it been and when will it end

How long will it take for this heart to mend

Frustrated she grabs the hairbrush nearby

Then throws it at the chandelier up high

A sudden smash and a million glass pieces fall on the bed

A beautiful glitter formation yet an unfortunate cut in the head

A trickle of blood down her face

Like the tears, marking its place

She finally discovers it was not his error

When her mother decided to give her the letter

She ripped it open and read away

The reason he couldn’t make it on the wedding day


Dear miss try to plant another seed

Because today your husband died as Shaheed (Martyr)

Beba Elsheikh
Surrey, United Kingdom

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