Friends of Kids with cancer

“For me” is a campaign created by a group of Libyan youngsters, for helping the kids who are suffering from Cancer. The campaign is to help the kids enjoy normal life, while their treatment is going on. The little kids have to spend most of their time in hospital, Cannula attached with there little arms for 8 hours everyday or even more than that.

The youngsters who were so touched by this heart rending spectacle, decided to make a change in the lives of the kids by helping them with all what they could do. Their precious moments of childhood should not be ruined like this. Those little lips have to smile like other kids do. They deserve to learn and play, I’d say they deserve it more than us!

Despite the pain of their illness .. and the stings of the needles and groans..They carry in their hearts.. Bright dreams expressed through these vivid colours..They smile.. Hold a pen and draw..
I realise that really, you will not be able to leave before wishing them a speedy recovery! And telling them your opinion of the wonderful colours. These children are stronger than thousands of youth..
Lulu Jamal

Despite the lack of financial support, they took the courage to start this campaign by donations, starting from their very own family and friends. They had a cause, and they fought for it until they got this campaign started.

Within a few weeks from the beginning of the campaign, changes began in the (Altibi Hospital-Department of Oncology). They managed to have a room in the oncology department, to stay in contact with the kids every day. Tutor them in various school subjects including art, do activities in play time, and be supportive to the kids and their families to let them know they are not alone.

Although we all know the terrible situation that the health sector is going through, the campaign tried to insure whatever equipment or medicine that the hospital couldn’t provide. We can’t blame the hospital, it was the result of negligence of the previous government, and its gone… It’s time to rise again to be a part of the change. To give hope and faith to those
kids giving them the care, love and attention that they deserve.

I’ve met a group of the guys who involved in this great campaign and saw the way they treat the kids, the efforts they make to cheer the kids and the hard work to make them feel home, they’ve already made a difference. I’m sure they’re going to reach their goal by convincing the government to build a specialized center for treatment and research in children cancer. It might be difficult but it’s not impossible, may God be by their side and help them to get to their noble goal.

What Can Be Done For Them?

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