Fear is not Conductive to Learning

“What is a major obstacle in learning for students; turns out it’s fear for the students and youth”

When I started my residency in a very busy surgical unit then, the influx of patients was tremendous. My consultant asked medical students who were in the rotation there to join me for the clinical orientation.

As I worked in different clinics, I had this second nature to make things lucid for the students, ensuring that I explained cases to them, and at the same time asking questions to check their level of understanding and knowledge, so that they may correlate basic sciences with clinical knowledge and also answering their questions.

As the days went by, the number of students grew; for the reason that they were not afraid to ask questions and did not have fear of being judged.

In the following week, while my colleagues and I, along with some students were having tea in cafeteria, I overheard a student telling her classmate about her clinical experience as, “only one teacher is good  (referring to me),  because we are not afraid to ask questions and nor to answer them, with her.”

I was so honoured, glad for being called a teacher before being given a formal teaching title.

I was so honoured, glad for being called a teacher before being given a formal teaching title.

But I realized this fact that the reason students call any one teacher, is when they are not afraid to learn and ask questions; because fear is not conducive to learning; and it’s the very essence of that, that makes one a teacher.

Turns out my students taught me something so valuable. As they say, ‘In teaching, you’ll learn”

About the author: Dr.Imbesat Maheen Syed is a clinician, researcher, reviewer, author , writer and inspirational speaker; with intention to reach out to youth in particular specially young women  and people in general on topics of health, science, art and life in an easy way.

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