Empire Of Distance

Anka zhuravleva arts

Tenderly I sat down in our memories
In a stranger’s eyes I saw you in me
Like a ripped off page of my heart’s novel
Another perspective of me while I’m broken
Like a black symphony captivating the very soul of me
Like a lost craw’s feather which is flying in grieve
With an intimate utility I drew you in a perfect line
Like an empire of distance I shall separate your heart from mine
So release me from you like a bird released into the sky
Bloom me like a rose, or like a beautiful butterfly
Like a fortress of feelings I got lost in you
Arms too heavy to hold one another so we drowned in our self solitude
Framed conceptions of a theoretic lover
In pieces of melodies I silently suffer
Transcendence of qualities, but i know the truth
I’ll stick with my empire of distance, and stay away from you…

Farouk Najdet

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