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“DEMI” track-by-track album review

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“DEMI”  is the fourth studio album by American recording artist Demi Lovato, the album is set to be released on the 14th of May in the US and various dates world-wide.

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The album opens up with its hit lead single “Heart Attack”.
“Heart Attack” is an Electronic-Pop song that gets the listeners jamming along to its big chorus on their first listen, its combination of Electronic synthesizers and Acoustic guitars makes it hard for anyone to skip it. Lovato showcases her powerful vocals at the end of the bridge of the song leaving the listener surprised that someone that young in the industry today can do catchy songs and big vocal tracks at the same time.

The second song titled “Made In The USA” doesn’t kill the hype that the previous track created, it starts with a mix of guitars, reversed sounds and Demi singing lower than her usual and builds up to its synth-exploding chorus, with catchy and familiar melodies, the song doesn’t fail to deliver its purpose; get stuck in our heads. This song is mid-tempo and is 3:17 minutes long, the perfect length for Pop radio. It also got selected as the album’s second single and with its catchy chorus it has potential to be one of the biggest ’13 summer hits.

“Show Me Love” has weak verses but its pre-chorus & chorus makes up for that. It’s very catchy and has nice “ooh”s that get you humming along.

As the record keeps spinning I notice that the production is very similar which made it feel a little lazy.

“Neon Lights” is the album’s worst offer, the auto-tune makes the song sound very cheap and it sounds like something Ke$ha or Rihanna would record, not Demi Lovato.

“Two Pieces” starts out with military-sounding drums, piano and light vocals, it tells a story of people who are lost, trying to find a friend and their way back home.
The chorus comes with big production that turns from the calm ballad the listener is expecting into an anthem for people who feel lost and broken.
The production gets a little messy in the chorus but it’s certainly a step up from the previous track.

“Nightingale” & “In Case” are two of the albums best tracks, the productions are decent and Demi’s vocals sound great, they’re powerful ballads that anyone could relate to in a rough night, Demi did a fantastic job with these two, her voice sounds soulful and very beautiful.

Demi’s duet with British singer/songwriter Cher Lloyd titled “I Really Don’t Care” sounds like a typical radio hit.

Lloyd enters sing-talking and rapping a small verse, if I heard this on the radio I would’ve assumed it was Nicki Minaj’s little sister rapping. This song is going to be a smash hit but that’s about it.

“Fire Starter” is a nice listen, Demi doesn’t sound much like herself, the production is a little different and has an “atari” feel to it which makes it interesting.

“Something That We’re Not” sounded like a One Direction song the moment Demi started singing.

This song is another song that I’m betting will be released as a single and smash, it’s catchy and relatable. With its “parara”s, “ooh”s and “ah”s it’s hard to not sing it in your head after it stops playing.

Out of all the upbeat songs “Never Been Hurt” is the most different, you can hear some dubstep sounds during the chorus which gives it a nice flavor.

“Shouldn’t Come Back” is my personal favorite and it’s one of the album’s highlights, it’s different from all the songs and the melody is beautiful and Demi’s voice really shines in it. The production could have been better but it’s a great track overall.

The final track, “Warrior” starts with Demi singing about how she wants to take this story that she never told off her chest and how she is now a warrior, stronger than ever. This track is one of my favorite tracks, it’s powerful and tells an inspiring story, it’s the perfect closure for the album, it ends with “you can never hurt me again” which is in my opinion Demi’s message to the world with this album. She was bruised, hurt, alone and she fought for her life.


This album was an interesting listen, I can’t say it’s her best album but it’s definitely her most honest one. The production could have been better but nonetheless Demi should be proud of this and I hope that she continues to be the warrior she is and inspire millions of people.

You can stream the full album legally here:


Rating: 6/10 

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