Decoding and Deconstructing the Contagion ‘19

An insightful and reflective article deconstructing the contagion that’s been infesting human life for long

What is a contagion and has it been around for a while?

Well answer to first half of the question is that a contagion is a disease spread by close contact, and for the answer to second half of the question let’s looks at it from a holistic perspective in the next lines below.

They say we are the creators of our own reality. We create two things in our lives at individual and collective level, things that we want and things that we don’t want, dread and fear.

This reflects in this current scenario everyone is going through globally .If now people are responding to the contagion [a disease spread by close contact in this case COVID 19] ,with fear , anxiety and isolation, lack of sense of purpose, susceptibility, so why were people globally  already in a state of apprehension, anxiety and fear and sense of isolation even long before this Pandemics happened?

In the light of above mentioned list of experiences let’s decode and deconstruct the contagion genome (The genome of an organism is the whole of its hereditary information encoded in its DNA or, for some viruses, RNA) components), metaphorically to answer the above question; let’s assume the contagion has following components.

1] Fear of unknown/uncertainty

2] Isolation

3] Anxiety/Apprehension

4] Lack of sense of purpose

5] Consuming your energy

In the lines below we will evaluate Genome of contagion one by one.

1] Fear of unknown
As a clinician I’ll describe having a fear of unknown as a flight and fight response [A survival mechanism] present in the absence of a real threat.

Seems like many people were living in state of fear even in the absence of a real threat, soon a reason appeared before their eyes to be actually be afraid. Have you been doing this? Think it over.

2] Isolation
Many people were living a life that seemed to be full of many things that people would actually do to earn external validation and not internal satisfaction.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Life was more about making things ‘look good and impressive’’ rather than living in the moment, and living your life for the purpose of social media is more like a fast forward button you’ve pressed on your life without living it, you’re constantly posting on social media and in turn experiencing a sense of isolation even when you’re not isolated. Nothing wrong with social media, but putting a happy family picture to earn likes rather than working on your relationships, adding hundreds of people as your friends rather than spending time and catching up with people and friends you actually connect with and are like minded for you, putting up impressive pictures of vacation rather than soaking in and taking in the moment; left many people feeling isolated. It was the result of choices that you made. Aren’t you worthy of a life that’s for you?

As we’ve decoded the second strand lets jump to the next Para and decode 3rd element of the contagion.

3] Apprehension/Anxiety
A lot of people were already living in the state of anxiousness, every little thing would be a source of apprehension, such as sending children to school, going to work, apprehension of next bill to pay and the list goes on, little did we know that there would be days when we wouldn’t have to do these things for a while.
Can you deactivate this and press on to reboot?

4] Lack of sense of purpose;
Many of us do things for external validation and not for internal satisfaction. So that you’ll earn a title or a position that does not serve you neither others but only feed your ego, in the rut of this hence many people  were losing their sense of purpose.

Image by Orna Wachman from Pixabay

Can you deconstruct this strand now? Think over it I’m sure you can.

5] Consuming Your Energy:
Let me tell you and remind you this that a virus is not really an alive organism. It’s something borderline between living and nonliving.
So all it has is an RNA or DNA strand and it uses the body of the host and the cells of it’s to replicate or survive, in other words consumes the host [living body of an animal or human its inside]

Have you ever thought that there had been experiences, thoughts, people or places that have been toxic and have consumed you like a pathogen? But you have a choice to not let negative experiences run you anymore like a pathogen.
You can deactivate this strand by stop paying attention to it and de-clutter your heart and mind from it and move on.

So you see that even in the absence of a real virus or Pandemic people were already living in fear, anxiety, isolation, lack of purpose and susceptibility.

We had the contagious behaviors like a Pandemic of apprehension and uncertainty, infesting human life like a pathogen.

So this Pandemic is an opportunity to self-reflect and see that negative behaviors and choices that have existed like a Pandemic worldwide.

We have choice to let go off these contagious behaviors where ever we can for ourselves and others.

We can physically  distance ourselves for the Pandemic and also at vibrational  level distance ourselves from choices that don’t serve us; we can wash our hands and also cleans our minds and hearts of maleficence and negative place holders all at the same time.

The purpose of this article is not to trivialize the current situation or substitute medical advice and theories but an opportunity to reflect on yourself and life and see how you’ve been infecting your life or influencing that of others in not a favorable way that is same to the traits of a virus. Therefore to make it easy I deconstructed the contagion to mirror to you things you can change.

Even in the midst of things going on it’s an opportunity for humanity to grow in terms of values and expansion. May be it’s an opportunity for everyone, if we look at it holistically in many areas of life since the pace of life has slowed down globally giving us the chance to  introspect.

May be it’s time to check on people. May be it’s time to realize that we all go through challenges; like in this Pandemic people are experiencing similar challenges.

Image by Anrita1705 from Pixabay

May be it’s time to develop more empathy. May be it’s time to re prioritize things in life. May be it’s about living in the moment and not dreading the next thing in life, maybe it’s about connecting with humanity and life around you. For sure it’s about living your life in its true sense for the first time and not just for the sake of racing against time.

Along with following the medical advice and recommendations religiously and keeping up with latest authentic updates to deal with Pandemic, we can all add more value to humanity and life; starting today.

May God or whatever names you give to the power that creates the worlds, bless humanity in particular and life as a whole. Amen

Much peace, joy and health

The article does not diagnose, treat or substitutes any medical condition and the author is not liable to misuse or misunderstanding of the content.
All copy rights reserved with the author.

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Dr.Imbesat Maheen Syed is a medical is a medical doctor, writer, poet and an artist.

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