Sometimes life treats us wrong

Makes us hear hell’s songs

Everything goes the other way

Nothing will just sit and stay

We just keep living it the best we can

Hoping that we’ll find something that will ban

All the bad things we feel

And gives us a heart of steel

After all, we will all need a break sometime

We just hope that that time won’t sting like lime

We might find a hope

That looks like a rope

We climb it all the way to see what lies above

To find it was only a way

To waste our love, to burn it in the hot stove

Wishing that we had another chance to stay

Because now everything is lost

Everything is burned like a toast

You live the nightmare

The nightmare where nothing is fair

Just as everything is lost, and nothing can be fixed

Sadness and darkness get mixed

You realize you only have a few moments

To make sure others don’t make the same mistake

The mistake of putting everything at stake

Just for a stove high above in the rope of false hope..

But then you wake up

To find it was only a dream that had to stop

Now you realize the value of your life, your time

To waste it is nothing but a crime

Now you use every minute, every second

To have everything reckoned..


Don’t waste any minute of your life being sad, or angry, be happy, and spread that happiness all around you..
Anas Badi
Tripoli, Libya

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