They say it comes when you least expect it and the smallest changes can have the biggest impact on our lives.

Throughout the past year I’ve come to realize the importance of change and the acceptance of change around us. I’ve come to understand that not all changes are for the better. We are here to learn from our mistakes, and act upon them. We’re here to learn from each other; not work against each other.

There was this time where we could agree that the relationship between Libyans had improved greatly. We were more united than ever, despite our differences that were always there. Though it could only last so long, until change hit us again.

The hate has grown back, and we’re acknowledging the differences. Now, being Libyan isn’t enough; ‘where in Libya’ seems to matter more. We began to believe that the city you’re from reflects on your personality. And although we know we’re all to blame, we seem to enjoy pointing fingers at others. Rather than overcoming this change and moving on to the better, we continue to refer to ourselves as being from the ‘East’, ‘West’ or ‘South’ rather than Libya.

United, we inspired the world. Divided, we can barely inspire ourselves. So let’s work on making the next change, ourselves. Next time you ask ‘Where are you from?’, don’t let the answer affect you.

Sara Krekshi
Tripoli, Libya

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