Celebrity: Eugene Ebner

I grew up in Tucson Arizona. My Mother loved music and was an opera singer, music teacher and music director of our church. I performed at church and in school, singing, playing the violin and performing on stage in many musicals and operas. Both my Father and Mother always provided well for me and gave me many opportunities for travel and education. I loved Diana Ross, listened to her music, attended her concerts , had the opportunity to dance on stage with her seven times and meet her.

I attended the University of Arizona and received a bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance/Opera degree in 1997. I also studied voice and performed in Salzburg Austria. I continued to perform in Arizona, Colorado and California in numerous music theatre shows. My creative journey led me to producing numerous internet radio shows and interviewing such celebrities as Olivia Newton-John and Vanessa Williams. I love inspiring, encouraging and entertaining others through creativity, vocal performance and sharing my experiences and feelings.

My Mother passed away from cancer when I was 23 which impacted my life greatly and made me realize that life is very precious. I am very passionate about helping others and sharing my past experiences and how my challenges have led me to the place I am and have helped me grow as an human being.

Currently I am a tour director and lead groups of 50 from all over the world throughout the National parks of the west traveling by motor coach through seven states such as Colorado ,Wyoming, Montana Idaho, Utah ,Arizona and Nevada. I share valuable information and historical facts about the areas and show them beautiful landscapes and majestic nature scenes including Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons, Grand Canyon etc.

My intention is to impact the passengers lives , share my vocal talents with them and shed some light and love to them during their journey with me.

I will continue to create music and media projects with the intention to make a difference in the community. Last Christmas Season I released a diverse and gay themed music video of my rendition of the classic song “Let It Snow” which has been well received. I hope the video continues to get out there this Holiday Season, educates and inspires other through love, acceptance and holiday cheer.

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