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Anna’s obsession

Anna’s Obsession – The Lady GaGa of fashion week.


Anna Dello Russo  is known as the craziest fashionista in the world. One of her usual comments is: – “I don’t want to be cool; I want to be a fashionista”. She is a Fashion Director and Editor-at-large, in Vogue Nippon (Japan). She is mostly known for her shoes collection (4000 pair of shoes), and for: having an apartment in Milan for her clothes.

She is also always featured in many street fashion blogs ( BryanBoy,  Jak&Jil  and The Sartorialist ) in fashion weeks for her crazy outfits and accessories.  anna-dello-russo-a-paris-fashion-week
She likes to describe herself as a “passionate- fashionista”, while the photographer Helmut Newton describes her as a “fashion maniac”.

Early life

She was born in April, 1962, in Bari, Italy.
She got a degree in Italian Literature and Art History.
Anna was always in love with fashion, even at the age of twelve, when her father asked what gift she needed, she said “I want a set of Fendi, not a bag but a collection composed by a bag, wallet, scarf and an umbrella…… ALL MATCHING.”


Before holding her current position, she spent 18 years in Condé Nast Italia working as fashion editor at Vogue Italia  and L`UOMO VOGUE.

She helped many people in the fashion industry like: Giovanna Battaglia (fashion blogger and stylist).
On the 10th anniversary of YooX,  10 T-shits that represent Dello Russo  were produced with 10 different outfits chosen by herself.
In 2011, she created a perfume called “Beyond”. It was a shoe-like shaped bottle.
Also, she collaborated with H&M to create the most gorgeous female accessories.
She designed bijoux, clutches, sunglasses, shoes and trolleys.

As it is mentioned above, Anna Dello Russo  is the craziest, fanciest and greatest fashionista that has ever existed and I adore her.

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