An Animated Film: The Lion King

Run Time: 90 minutes Genre: Children’s film
Composer: Hans Zimmer Director: Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff
Screenwriter: Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts


An Animated Film Larger Than Life

The greatest full-length, animated Disney feature of all time, The Lion King is a drama of epic proportions.
The Lion King takes place in Pride Rock, a serene jungle on the African plain. In Pride Rock, every animal lives as a part of harmonious ecosystem, ruled by the wise lion, King Mufasa. When Musafa’s wife gives birth to the lion cub Simba, the young heir’s Uncle, Scar, forms a plot with a pack of wild hyenas. Scar kills Mufasa and takes over the kingdom.

Simba, too young to resist, flees to faraway land. Simba then befriends Pumbaa, a warthog, and Timson, a meerkat, who lives carefree lives, feasting on grubs and insects. Will Simba return to Pride Rock and reclaim his rightful position as King, or will he be tempted to live an easy life, free from conflict and responsibility?

As the film progresses, the characters cease to be mere cartoons. Mufasa is dignified, gentle but firm. Simba is sometimes playful, sometimes angry and sometimes brave. Scar looks like a true villain. All the characters seem larger than life. The visual effects, facial expressions and the voice-overs by Whoopie Goldberg, Cheech Marin, James Earl Jones, Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane and Jeremy Irons, add to the impact of the film.

Hans Zimmer’s original score is easily among the finest in film history, and Elton John’s, Can You Feel the Love Tonight has swept the world.

A film to be watched with family without fail!

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