Born with an original idea, a passion and commitment of it’s founders to provide an interactive platform for the new generation of new Libya as well to spend quality time along with learning that will help them to build a successful career and dynamic life.

YOUTH Magazine is a newly formed publication designed to encourage, motivate, and foster educational growth with social awareness amongst the youth of Libya on an unbiased platform through which they could contribute in nation building process.

OUR FOCUS, is neither information nor just entertainment but a whole variety of views that todays Youth possess. Covering from Cultural Articles, Inspiring looks at Real-life issues, Careers, Youth culture, Music, Movies, Personal style, Current affairs, Real people, Fashion, Technology, Travel, Health and Beauty and much more!YOUTH magazine envisions world of opportunity & equality for all. We showcase underground bands, struggling icons and young people from every walk of life and their accomplishments. For young writers and artists, we are providing a platform through this magazine so that they can get powerful learning experience from their peers.

So what makes doing this so unique? It’s simple! Most youth of today do not like to read and/or write unless it is something of interest to them. Here is their chance to talk about themselves. Its fun, it’s interesting, it’s them ñ youth! In addition, they are doing all the work. What better way for youth to learn than to have them to discuss, in written form, topics that concern them? Youth get to focus on themselves, and have fun reading, writing, and seeing what other local youth around them are doing as well.

Our Featured Talent section will showcase various talents of all sorts. From Athletes, Dancers to Graffiti Artist, to name a few. What ever your talent, you are welcome to submit information about yourself.

We welcome positive writers who would love to contribute their thoughts to our publication. If you are interested please submit information about yourself. Please contact us.