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A walk to the boulevard of enchanted dreams

A walk to the boulevard of enchanted dreams

Oh how beautiful it would be
To wander off in a place known only for peace and serenity
Where the wind is always enchanted
And the sky is beautifully painted
With flourishing colours
And winter lasts longer than summer

Oh how beautiful it would be
A field of orchids and daffodils
That houses dancing butterflies and fairies
And a shed looking over the hills
Where rainbow only hides, when the sun drowns into midnight
Where the night is filled with twinkling stars and the moon shines ever-bright

Oh how beautiful it would be
A sparkling pond with magical fishes
And fairies granting all your wishes.
Birds hum beautiful harmonies
To keep your mind refreshed and at ease

That beautiful place where all sorrows are forgotten
And all that you may imagine can happen
I’ll meet you there
Where dreams come true
And reality is but mere pleasant

That place behind the meadows
You can count on to find me
I’ll be there, with my cotton candy clouds
Ones you can almost touch
And know will never let you down

I’ll be there, forever living
In my paradise, eternally euphoric

by Eman Malik [[Silver Heartbeat]]

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