Friendship day

The best part about friendship is that, it can be found even in the darkest of places, whether it’s the loyalty of the caretakers with the Beast, in Beauty and the Beast or the humbleness of a prison guard on a prisoner. Friendship does not see race, colour or religion, rather a good person with a good heart, willing to offer a hand, shoulder or just an ear.
And to celebrate such a beautiful relationship, the idea of Friendship Day came into being, where the whole day is dedicated in the honor of friends, to show them how special they are.
Though the dates for celebrating Friendship Day differ in different countries, but originally promoted by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark cards in 1919, it was intended to be the first Sunday of August. Many friends acknowledge each other with exchanges of gifts, wrist bands, cards and flowers on this day.
Surely a day is not enough to be thankful for a friend, for the value of friendship is priceless. As Andreas Capellanus describes, “If out of all mankind one finds a single friend, he has found something more precious than any treasure, since there is nothing in the world so valuable that it can be compared to a real friend.” Thus we should thank God everyday for giving us that backbone; a support to help us get through the burden and the hardships in life.
Cherish your friends and let them know you care.

Eman Malek
Tripoli – Libya

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