Breaking Dawn of Freedom

Tripoli’s smiling again
Breathing Freedom through the youth’s veins
Everywhere you look, you’ll find an Independence Flag
Rather than them green rags

From the east to the west all you can see
Faces smiling, hearts loving and souls feeling free
Libya now is more like a free bird
Aiming high in the sky and sending message to the world
We are free Libyans and we’ll keep going on
We’ll keep rising up with the freedom we own
It’s the Breaking Dawn of Freedom
Hidden in a corner of the World
We were left Unknown
But that’s a different Story
We’re the new face of Bravery

No doubt on whose side we’re at
You can clearly see the ground we stand
It’s Red, Black and Green
With a Crescent an Star in between

Eman Malek (Silver Heartbeat) ft. Mohamed Elgadi (Icon)
Tripoli, Libya

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