The sea is my paramour

The sea is my paramour

Looking at the sea in the night Listening to the waves' sounds breaking on the shore Wondering about the future and how it is gonna be Is it gonna shine? Will everything be fine? Looking at the sea Gazing at it Feeling something special Looking,looking, and looking I never feel scared I can feel a sense of relief I feel…

Movin’ on

Movin' on, I will try to do it n start movin' on i need to first erase u from my head Movin' on, I will try to do it n start movin' on I need to first have faith in myself . Movin' on, I will try to do it n start movin' on i will do it even if…

The heartless Monster.

He walked through the door. He's here no more. He's cut in the core. Now that he's gone, He'll have some fun. Feel better than before. He'll cheat and play. What happened yesterday... Was definitely the last hay. He'll no longer stay the same way. Heart breaks can create heartless monster, who murders and throw in dumpsters.

Lost it all

Lost it all U broke my heart, took my life n I lost it all Lost it all Knew there were wolves it was cold n I would fall Lost it all Coz I didn't care or even share I wanted to have it all Lost it all Weeping eyes, shattered heart n a low wakeup call Lost it all…
Village Ohio

Village Ohio

An ode to Village Ohio. A Poem written by me on the account of my remembrance of reading childhood poetry.

The Tale Of MeenKumar

The Tale of MeenKumar Story Based Poem. A Piece of Translation from Children's Book on EID COLLECTIONS BY HROLICKS.


Sunshine The sun is shinning through my curtain The sunshine is very bright It is shinning with the bird's chirping It makes people wake up! It makes people to work It makes animals to go in search of foods It makes our day wonderful It has been created by God for our daily working and earning livelihood.

Shondha (Evening)

This is a piece of translation from Bangla to English. This poem is written by Playwright and Poet Shahadat Hossain.