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    HWPL Peace Discussion in London amidst Impending Global Conflict

    London, UK – While the world was sending its grievances and expressing fury at the indiscriminate armed violence perpetuated by terrorists on Friday, 13 November in Paris, the HWPL International Law Peace Committee members and renowned international law scholars met with HWPL Chairman and Peace Activist, Mr. Man Hee Lee, to discuss the 2nd draft […] More

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    The Eye of the World

    Peace is interwoven in every soul. No matter how frozen a human’s heart seemed. A gleam of love will glitter. And be glimpsed by the Eye of the World. Any act of kindness lifts the vibration in somebody’s life. Any word of compassion changes the world in someone’s eyes. Don’t keep your true feelings chained […] More

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    Spoon Feeding and Libyan Higher Education

    Higher Education is considered to be a stage of intellectual growth, independence, and self development. At this stage students should take charge of their education, develop their knowledge and understanding, and challenge their perceptions to fulfill their goals. However, higher students in Libya are being spoon fed to pass exams instead of encouraged to seek […] More

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    An Animated Film: The Lion King

    Run Time: 90 minutes Genre: Children’s film Composer: Hans Zimmer Director: Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff Screenwriter: Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts   An Animated Film Larger Than Life The greatest full-length, animated Disney feature of all time, The Lion King is a drama of epic proportions. The Lion King takes place in Pride Rock, a serene […] More

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    Celebrity: Eugene Ebner

    I grew up in Tucson Arizona. My Mother loved music and was an opera singer, music teacher and music director of our church. I performed at church and in school, singing, playing the violin and performing on stage in many musicals and operas. Both my Father and Mother always provided well for me and gave […] More

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    Poem: Sparkle like a star

    Sparkle Like a star Everybody can create his own universe and sparkle like a star in the sky. Everybody can make the world a better place with a smile in his face. Everybody can make a difference with a word, a thought, or a great invention. Everybody has a talent deep inside which needs to […] More

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    The Man With No Limbs ‘Nick Vujicic’

    swiss-image.ch/Photo by Sebastian Derungs World Economic Forum

    Nick Vujicic was born in 1982, in Melbourne, Australia. He was born with no limbs, due to the tetra_amelia syndrome ( a rare disorder characterized by the absence of four limbs). He considered his disability as a curse with which he was burdened, he was troubled with haunting fear preventing him to live life happily […] More

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    14 Cozy Drink Alternatives to Coffee

    Coffee is a much-beloved morning staple, but it’s nice to cozy up to something different every now and then. If you’re looking to try something new, consider swapping your espresso for Moroccan mint tea or your mocha for white hot chocolate. More

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